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25 Ladders "I Rise" Program

Our organization is designed to empower young people to develop successful life skills by providing them with a safe learning environment through collaborative planning and comprehensive family and community partnerships

What is 25 Ladders?
25 Ladders is a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization that is dedicated to supporting young people through the various transitions of their lives.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of young people through education, mentorship  and community and family partnerships.  We offer monthly customized mentoring programs for youth from the age of 10 - 25.   Our summer programs are designed to bridge the education gap by assisting struggling readers with a  literacy focused curriculum infused with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. 
“25 Ladders has given me great knowledge on creating a budget, financial stability, and self love. It has also encouraged me to dig deep in what my goals are, and setting up plans on how to obtain them. I am grateful to have Stephanie as a mentor, and thankful for this awesome program.” 

- Brittni P.
“25 Ladders has been a great source in helping me navigate my personal growth.  From financial advice to personal advice, it's been very helpful in keeping me on to the right path to my goals.  I've always felt welcomed and comfortable with those around me, so it has always made it easy for me to ask for help when needed” 

- Nuria C.
Mentoring Program Focus

We offer customized monthly group mentoring sessions with a focus on Positive Youth Development and School to Career Guidance.
Studies have shown that Mentoring Relationships improve youth's self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance. 
              D/FW Area Student Information
                            2, 145     Students Dropout
       Students At-Risk
        Students Economically Disadvantaged
        Students Ready for College

25 Ladders "I Rise" Summer Program
The I Rise Program is a Summer Intervention Reading Academy that focuses on Reading Strategies, Word Study Analysis, Basic Writing with Sentence Structure infused with TEAMS (Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Science) for struggling readers.

Students participate in small reading groups with instructions at individual levels to build and increase fluency.     
Literacy Statistics 
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, In 2015, roughly 2 out of 3 fourth graders were not proficient in reading.  The percentages of non-proficient readers are even higher when looking at specific racial/ethnic groups: 82 percent of African-American fourth-graders were reading below proficiency, along with 79 and 78 percent of Latino and American-Indian students respectively.

Gaps in reading proficiency are also large between students who receive free or reduced-price lunch (a measure of family income), at 79 percent non-proficient compared to students who did not receive free or reduced-price lunch, at 48 percent non-proficient.

Literacy Facts and Stats
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